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The race in the Netherlands you have to TRI



Je start met een prachtige zwemronde in de Amstel midden in het businesscentrum van Amsterdam. Terwijl je in het water ligt, kijk je uit op de imposante skyline. Een prachtige ervaring. You start with a beautiful lap in the river Amstel right in the business centre of Amsterdam. While you're in the water, you look out at the impressive skyline. A wonderful experience. 

Het fietsparcours gaat door de straten van Amsterdam en via dijken met molens langs Diemen, Driemond, het Amsterdam Rijnkanaal, Abcoude en Ouderkerk aan de Amstel. The bike course goes through the streets of Amsterdam towards suburb Diemen over embankments along characteristic windmills in Driemond and Abcoude, the Amsterdam Rijn Canal and via Ouderkerk aan de Amstel back to Amsterdam

Je rent langs de Amstel, door het Martin Luther King Park en over de Utrechtse brug om te finishen in de imposante en gezellige finisherarena, barstensvol publiek wat jou naar de finish schreeuwt! You'll run along the river Amstel, by the Martin Luther King Park and over the Utrechtse bridge to finish in the impressive finisherarena, full of spectators who will scream you towards the finishline! 

Tot zondag 21 juni! See you Sunday June 21th!


1. You need to agree to our rules before you start your registration. If you don't read them it's up to you but we will not be able (anymore) to give you, or anyone else, "special treatments', for instance because you're injured, becoming a daddy or a mom, undertrained, overtrained or any other excuse.

2. New in 2020 is the option to give, sell or throw your registration to someone else. Don't mail us with that question but do it yourself by logging in at your own registration portal with the pasword and login you have been send by confirmation mail. Once in your own registration area you can still buy and hire stuff like bibnumber-belt, lock lace, rent a wetsuit, rent a bike & helmet and... pass your registration to someone else. All these actions have financial consequences. So yes, it will cost you some green! Latest deadline for this: 7 days before the event! The last 7 days, no changes or additions are possible anymore.

3. Read our participant information we mail you about 10 days before the race very thoroughly! Don't ruin your own beautifull race-day by turning up to late for your bike check-in and need us force to refuse you the entrance because of safety regulations! It brakes our heart, it brakes your heart and costs us all a shitload of negative energy! So please show up in time and take your time to get ready for your race.

Hope to see you again next year!





Dagen om in te schrijven



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