Sign up for the TCS Amsterdam Marathon!

Fancy enjoying Amsterdam and all the city has to offer? Want to feel like a professional athlete and start and finish at the historic Olympic Stadium? Or running on the much-debated passage under the beautiful Rijksmuseum? Come to Amsterdam for the 43rd edition of the TCS Amsterdam Marathon on October 21st 2018!

Online registration will be closed after September 17, or after passing the contestants limit. (TCS Marathon 16,500 , Mizuno Half Marathon 18.500 and TCS 8K 7000). You can register for the TCS Marathon, Mizuno Half Marathon, TCS 8 km, Kids Run or Echo Mini Marathon. For companies there is a special Business Run Mizuno Half Marathon or Business Run TCS 8 km.

Please note, you have 10 minutes to complete your registration, then the session expires.


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