Welcome to the 2017 Jewson Barnstaple Marathon and Half Marathon 24th September 2017

Please ensure that you read the following before signing up.

The 2017 Jewson Barnstaple Marathon and Half Marathon features exciting new changes that will greatly improve an already popular and succesful event. For the 2017 race, our fourth year of running this, we have altered the marathon route and start time. Please note that the marathon starts at 9am.

 The Marathon will leave at 9am and head down the north side of the river first; this means tackling the airbase at Mile 7-9 before heading back to Barnstaple for the start of the second half which will visit Fremington and Yelland.

The Half Marathon is the same as previously, and starts at 10am. ​It then heads through Barnstaple and onto the Tarka trail towards Fremington.

We hope that these changes will ensure that the Marathon is a success and encourages more people to enter.

For the last 3 years, this race has sold out, we anticipate this happening this year too. Therefore if you want to run in either of the races, you will need to enter now!

Entry Rules:

You must be 18 on race day to enter both the Half and Full Marathon.

Race run under licence from ARC

Once you have entered, there are no refunds. No exceptions.

You can defer from the full marathon only, deferments close on 1st Sept 2017. You can only defer once, so if you have defered from 2016, you cannot defer to again.

You can transfer from the full to the half, transfers close on the 1st Sept 2017

You can transfer from the half to the full, transfers close on the 1st Sept 2017.

You cannot swap your place with someone else, i.e. no name changes.

It is your responsibility to get your entry details correct; if you make a mistake you need to change it. Please be careful when entering your date of birth. If you end up in the wrong age category because you have entered it incorrectly, we will not adjust it.

NDRR are one of the South West's foremost running club with an enviable roster of races. The Barnstaple Marathon and Half Marathon is rapidly becoming one of the most prestigious running events in the South West. The Hartland Hartbreaker is renowned as one of the toughest! Our classic events such as the Braunton 10 are true runners' races. Our newest race is the terrifying Arlington Halloween Run.

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