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Race Information

Event   AVOHK Reservoir Race Series 2018-19
Date & Location

   Race 1 : 13 October 2018, (Sat) Tai Lam Chung Reservoir (15km)  (Map)

   Race 2 : 3 November 2018, (Sat) Aberdeen Reservoir (12km) (Map)

   Race 3 : 15 December 2018, (Sat) Tai Tam Reservoir (11km) (Map)

   Race 4 : 12 January 2019, (Sat) Shing Mun Reservoir (8km) (Map)

Start Time    All Race Start at 09:00 AM
Entry Fee

   AVOHK Member - HK$150 per race or all four races HK$500

   Non AVOHK Member - HK$180 per race or all four races HK$600


   Age Categories - Based on age as at 13 October 2018

Men's / Ladies '
16-34 35-39 40-44 45-49 50-54
55-59 60-64 65-69 70-74 75-79

If runner's age is under 18, the application should be completed by parents or guardians, he/she needs to show his/her ID Card when pick up his/her bib.


- In each race, medals will be given to the first three finishers in each category

- Overall series ranking is based on results from all 4 races, the top three in each category will be awarded a trophy, subject to total number of category entrants. In the event of a tie, the results of final race to decide overall position. Prizes and tropies for series winners in all categories.(subject to number of entries per category)

- Souvenir Race T-shirts to be given out with number bib

Race Pack Collection   Race number to be collected on race day. Same number bib to be kept for all races.   HK$50 for replacement number bib. Entry list, maps and information   on  www.avohk.org. No other communication will be sent. 


- Return bus transport will be provided to Tai Lam Chung and one way bus transport to Shing Mun.

- Bus will depart from west side entrance of the Peninsula hotel on Hankow Road,  Tsim Sha Tsui and Edinburgh Place (Near City Hall), Central 7 am. 

- The return bus from Tai Lam Chung will depart after race at 11:30 am to   Peninsula Hotel. There is no return bus for race 4 at Shing Mun.

- Red, Black Rainstorm, T8 warning issued by 6:00 am on race day, event will be         Cancelled.  We will attempt to reschedule the race.  Entry will not be refunded.


    Email : freemanavohk@gmail.com