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Race Information


Event   AVOHK 5k Series 2018
Date & Location

   Race 1 : 18th August 2018, (Sat) Bowen Road  (Map)

   Race 2 : 1st September 2018, (Sat) Tai Tam Tuk Reservoir (Map)

   Race 3 : 15th September 2018, (Sat) Wanchai Gap Playground (Map)

   Race 4 : 29th September 2018, (Sat) South Bay (Map)

   All Four Races Fulled      

Start Time  All Race Start at 08:00 AM
Entry Fee

 AVOHK Member - HK$150 per race or all four races     HK$500

 Non AVOHK Member - HK$180 per race or all four     races   HK$600



 Junior 13 (12-13)


 Junior 13 (12-13)

 Junior 15 (14-15)

 Junior 15 (14-15)

 Junior 17 (16-17)

 Junior 17 (16-17)

 Open (18-34)

 Open (18-34)

 M35 (35-39)

 L35 (35-39)

 M40 (40-44)

 L40 (40-44)

 M45 (45-49)

 L45 (45-49)

 M50 (50-54)

 L50 (50-54)

 M55 (55-59)

 L55 (55-59)

 M60 (60-64)

 L60 (60-64)

 M65 (65-69)

 L65 (65-69)

 M70 (70-74)

 L70 (70-74)

 M75 (75-79)

 L75 (75-79)

M80+ (80 or above)

L80+ (80 or above)

If runner's age is under 18, the application should be completed by parents or guardians, he/she needs to show his/her ID Card when pick up his/her bib.


  • In each race, medals will be given to the first three finishers in each category
  • For the Overall Series Awards, the best three race results will be counted, the first three runners in each category will be given a trophy and cash coupons (subject to number of entries per category).  In the event of a series tie, the result from Race 4 will decide overall award
Race Pack Collection   Race Number bib will be given out at the first race you run , you   should   keep this number bib for all races.
  • Strictly NO ENTRIES on the race day.  Updated entry list and detailed information will be posted on www.avohk.org one week before each race
  • Red, Black Rainstorm, T8 warning issued by 6:00 am on race day, event will be cancelled.  We will attempt to reschedule the race.  Entry will not be refunded.

    Email : freemanavohk@gmail.com